1. staticlucas:

    lifeguard Luke nervously watching you and nearly going in every time you stay under the water for more than 10 seconds because he’s always liked you and doesn’t want you to die dammit

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  2. imsodunwithyou:

    I love complimenting people and seeing their faces light up.

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  3. against-every-0dd:

    Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything. 

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  5. lovetoflyanditshows:

    Famous Viners?


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  7. 5sos-babie:

    When I see groupie rumors.

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  9. cumonmyfaceashton:

    Luke: I love you
    Calum: I love you too
    Ashton: I love you too
    Liz: I love you too
    Jesus: I love you too
    The Queen: I love you too
    Beyoncé: I love you too
    Obama: I love you too
    Michael: Shutup you faggot


  10. 5sos: superheroes or socks?

    1. my 4 yr old nephew: *singing don't stop*
    2. me: who sings that
    3. nephew: the superheroes
    4. me: what are they called
    5. nephew: 5 socks
    6. me: close enough